Is your child the bully or the bullied?  USA TODAY

Whether your child is the perpetrator or victim, here's what you need to know about bullying.

Suit: Winton Woods officials allowed bullying of student with 'significant autism' for years

Winton Woods officials allowed a student with "significant autism" to be bullied while failing to provide a proper education, according to a lawsuit.

Head of prestigious ancient-DNA lab suspended amid bullying allegations

Alan Cooper, who leads of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, has been stood down pending an investigation.

Report on Madigan's Office Describes Culture of Bullying, Harassment  NBC Chicago

A new report on an investigation into Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan's office paints a picture of a workplace culture of bullying and harassment in which ...

It Takes One to Know One: A German TV Star Takes On Bullies  The New York Times

BERLIN — It was not his fame as a TV action hero nor his bulging biceps that enabled Carsten Stahl to bring a gymnasium teeming with chatty elementary ...

California mother sues Los Angeles school district, alleges son suffered brain damage after bullying attack  USA TODAY

A California mother is suing a Los Angeles school district, alleging that her 12-year-old son was left with permanent brain and spinal injuries after another ...

Social Media Increases Teen Girls' Exposure to Bullying

Social media takes a toll on the health of teen girls due to increased exposure to cyberbullying and because the time they spend on those platforms detracts from ...

Kevin MacDonald leaves Aston Villa following bullying investigation  The Guardian

Kevin MacDonald has left his job as Aston Villa's head of football development following an investigation into the bullying of players.

New Builders Code training aimed at preventing worksite bullying and harassment

PRINCE GEORGE-A new Builders Code training to help workplaces mitigate and handle worksite bullying and harass...

Residency Bullying: Trainer on Trainee Harassment Common  Medscape

Bullies sometimes wear white coats, and they may be in charge of educating the next generation of doctors. In a survey administered to a national cohort of ...

Trauma begets trauma: Bullying associated with increased suicide attempts among 12-to-15-year-olds: International study finds bullying victimization is associated with suicide attempts across 48 countries  Science Daily

A new study reports that bullying victimization may increase the risk of suicide attempts among young adolescents by approximately 3-times worldwide.

Children with autism more likely to be bullied at home and at school, study finds  Science Daily

A major new study has found children with autism are more likely to be bullied by both their siblings and their peers, meaning that when they return from school, ...

Bullying incidents drop in Fond du Lac Schools, mental health resources increase  Fond du Lac Reporter

FOND DU LAC - Mental health challenges, bullying and the unique needs of today's students are topics the Fond du Lac School District is tackling, head-on.

A student's boyfriend sues Utah State and alleges bullying led to her suicide  CNN

Utah State University's Psychology Department allowed a student to be verbally abused, intimidated and subjected to discrimination by other students, leading to ...

How Canadian Employers Address Bullying and Harassment

In light of the #MeToo movement, Canadian workplaces are taking steps to protect workers from bullying, harassment and other types of misconduct on the job.

'I started to hate myself': Jonas Brothers reveal early bullying at Teen Choice Awards  USA TODAY

The Jonas Brothers weren't always so "Cool." The chart-topping trio shared how hard their journey from child musicians to Teen Choice Decade Award ...

Longevity Part I: Breaking down early childhood bullying  Glenwood Springs Post Independent

Free micro-event: 5:30-7 p.m. Tuesday, at Glenwood Springs Library second floor classroom. "Issues facing young children". With Oyen Hoffman of Mountain ...

Kids with autism at increased risk of bullying by siblings and classmates  Reuters

(Reuters Health) - Children with autism are more likely than kids without the disorder to be bullied by siblings and peers in early adolescence, and they may ...

Workplace safety can worsen under bullying bosses  Science Daily

A new study suggests that bullying bosses aren't just bad for employee morale and well-being -- they can also be bad for workplace safety.

ICAC report reveals culture of bullying and sexual harassment in South Australian public service  ABC News

Shocking allegations of public servants bullying other employees, stealing drugs from hospital trolleys and asking staff for sex have been reported to SA's ...

Donald Trump bullied a man as overweight, then didn't apologize  CNN

At a 2020 campaign rally in New Hampshire on Thursday night, a protest broke out. A Trump supporter sought to remove the protesters. And as that was ...

Louisville men's tennis coach bullied and mistreated players, investigation finds  Courier Journal

An investigative report from the University of Louisville found credible allegations of bullying, discrimination and mistreatment against fired men's tennis coach ...

Fired by Google, a Republican Engineer Hits Back: ‘There’s Been a Lot of Bullying’  The Wall Street Journal

Google told engineer Kevin Cernekee in 2018 he was being fired for misuse of equipment. Mr. Cernekee says he was really fired for being an outspoken ...

Shukri Abdi's family brand school inquiry into bullying a whitewash  The Guardian

The family of 12-year-old refugee Shukri Abdi who drowned in June have branded an internal investigation into claims of bullying before her death “a ...

Man whose daughter, grandkids were murdered says bullies are harassing him online  ABC News

Frank Rzucek, whose daughter and grandchildren were killed by son-in-law Chris Watts, says "heartless" bullies are trolling his grieving family online.

West End Actors Unite to Cheer Up Bullied Child Who Loves Musicals

The London casts of Six, Wicked, and more sent messages to a young boy after his teacher sent out a plea via Twitter.

Scott Morrison accuses GetUp of 'misogyny' and 'bullying' at Liberal state council  The Guardian

Man carrying Aboriginal flag arrested by police as union and climate activists protest at South Australian event. Australian Associated Press. Sat 17 Aug 2019 ...

Does dodgeball really encourage bullying?  BBC News

A new study in Canada describes dodgeball as "legalised bullying" and recommends that students should not be forced to play it. But dodgeball advocates say it ...

YouTuber Cole Carrigan bullied out of Jake Paul's Team 10  INSIDER

Beauty YouTuber Cole Carrigan left the house last month, and has now released a video explaining why he felt harassed and unsafe living there.

Move initiated to tackle cyber bullying  Connaught Telegraph

A government move is being initiated to tackle the issue of cyber bullying.

How Trump Bullied Israel Into Punishing His Political Opponents, to the Jewish State's Great Detriment  Tablet Magazine

On July 19, Israel's ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, announced that Israel would permit entry to U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, despite ...

Your Child Bullied Someone? That’ll Cost You $313.  The New York Times

A Wisconsin city is due to vote next week on a bill that would impose fines on parents whose children bully others, a measure several municipalities have ...

White Evangelicals Like Having a Bully-in-Chief  Washington Monthly

On one level, I understand the support evangelical Christians extend to Donald Trump. Many of the explanations provided to Washington Post reporter Julie ...

My child was being bullied at school. Here’s what I did and what you can do, too.  The Washington Post

The moment you find out you're going to be a parent, the expectations start. You can envision that baby growing into a funny, strong, smart person, one you'll ...

Ask Amy: A bully’s behavior must be dealt with  The Washington Post

Friend's husband became verbally abusive when asked not to interrupt.

More students are being bullied online, federal report says  Washington Post

Online bullying is on the rise among middle and high school students, even as overall rates of bullying in schools have remained steady, according to a federal ...

Grand Forks fire chief no longer employed after bullying allegation  Coast Mountain News

The City would not say if the fire chief was fired or resigned from his position.

Workplace Bullying: 4 Steps To Overcome It And Fight Back  Forbes

Workplace bullying has become a strategic tool to push employees to leave companies voluntarily. Isolation, intimidation and threats are just a few tactics bullies ...

Trump appointees routinely bullied State Department staffers, IG reports  Roll Call

A long-awaited investigation by the State Department's inspector general concluded in a report released Thursday that multiple career employees were ...

Inside Instagram's War on Bullying  TIME

In interviews with TIME, Instagram head Adam Mosseri and other insiders reveal strategies to curb bullying with artificial intelligence.

Women Say Company Bullied Them for Leaving Bad Reviews Online  NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Two Collin County women say they and others were bullied for leaving bad business reviews, and shocked when the company posted people's personal ...

Does Bullying Start at Home?  WebMD

Bullying was more likely to occur in families with three or more children, and the eldest child or older brothers were more often the bullies. Female children and ...

The administration’s last-minute attempt to bully Mueller is offensive  The Washington Post

It's not Mueller's job to remain silent for Trump's comfort.

Bring bullying to an end  UNICEF

This week, teachers, parents, policy-makers and academics will gather at the World Anti-Bullying Forum in Dublin. Keynote speaker, Charlotte Petri Gornitzka ...

How to Bullyproof Your Child  The New York Times

Teaching children how to take the air out of the teasing.

A mom stormed into school to confront her kid's bullies. She was arrested.  USA TODAY

Jamie Rathburn apologizes for how she handled her son's alleged bullies, but she remains frustrated with the Greenville County school system's answers.

One third of middle- and high-schoolers were bullied last year, study shows  USA TODAY

A third of students say they were bullied last school year, according to a report released today by nonprofit group YouthTruth. (Photo: Daisy-Daisy, Getty ...

Can this technology put an end to bullying?  BBC News

Bullying can cast a dark shadow over people's lives and leave permanent scars, but artificial intelligence may provide new ways of stamping our harassment ...

Researchers find girls more likely to notice, interpret and intervene in bullying situations  Medical Xpress

Forget what you've heard about mean girls; new research from Florida State University finds girls are far more likely than boys to notice instances of bullying and ...

How to Stop a Bully? Instagram Uses Artificial Intelligence to Get Bullies Thinking Before They Post  NBC New York

A new Instagram feature hopes to stop bullies before they even post.

Cheika's Wallabies bully boys must simply go again  ESPN

Michael Hooper and Lukhan Salakai-Loto set the tone with the Test's first two carries, and the Wallabies didn't take a backward step thereafter. Australia's victory ...

Among preschoolers, bullies who get bullied are at high risk for depression  The Hechinger Report

New research finds that 2- to 3-year-olds who both bully and are bullied by their peers often show signs of childhood depression.

A mom confronted her son's classmates over bullying and was arrested for it  CNN

She regrets breaking the law, but not standing up for her child.

Virginia Study Finds Increased School Bullying In Areas That Voted For Trump  NPR

Researchers found higher rates of bullying and certain teasing in areas where voters favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Teen girls more vulnerable to bullying than boys  Medical Xpress

Girls are more often bullied than boys and are more likely to consider, plan, or attempt suicide, according to research led by a Rutgers University-Camden ...

Bullying can cause both short- and long-term damage  CNN

Bullying is many things: teasing, name-calling, stereotyping, fighting, exclusion, spreading rumors, public shaming and aggressive intimidation. It can be in real ...

7-year-old 'Avengers: Endgame' actress talks bullying: 'It really hurts your heart'  GMA

"Avengers: Endgame" actress Lexi Rabe's parents say she's been bullied and call for the action to stop.

Study: School Bullying's Impact Can Last a Lifetime  WebMD

Examples of the bullying studied include being called names, being excluded from social groups, having possessions stolen, or being threatened with or ...

More bullying cases ending up in Family Court  WBFO

Bullying is a problem in society and in schools, and too many incidents wind up in the courts. So the system is organizing against bullying with a.

Bullied for Being Gay: Teenager’s Defense in High School Killing  The New York Times

Abel Cedeno says he acted in self-defense when he fatally stabbed a classmate. Prosecutors say he had a choice.

Teenager Cited Anti-Gay Bullying for Stabbing Death. He Was Found Guilty.  The New York Times

Abel Cedeno testified that, after years of bullying, he feared for his life when he fatally stabbed a classmate who had punched him.

A teen with autism attempted suicide after bullies told her to ‘die.’ Her family is suing the school.  The Washington Post

The bullying "ran the gamut from verbal abuse to threats to physical assault," her lawyer said.

Teens 'mocked' by their parents are at greater risk for bullying, victimization: Unique longitudinal study explores understudied form of adolescent parenting -- derisiveness  Science Daily

New evidence suggests that adolescent bullying and victimization may have origins in the home. Many bullies have parents who are hostile, punitive and ...

Instagram Recently Unveiled New Anti-bullying Features. Here's Why You Should Care  Inc.

From hiding like counts to updates on its anti-bullying policies, Instagram is making a lot of changes.

Not every school's anti-bullying program works – some may actually make bullying worse  The Conversation AU

Many anti-bullying programs in schools rely on witnesses to stand up to bullies. This is good in theory but an evaluation of such programs has found in some ...

School bullying increases chances of mental health issues and unemployment in later life  Science Daily

Victims of bullying in secondary school have dramatically increased chances of mental health problems and unemployment in later life.

Nearly 30% of kids experience sibling bullying – as either bully or victim  The Conversation AU

Australia has invested an extraordinary amount of time and effort into putting in place bullying prevention programs – especially across schools. But what ...

Would You Want A Bully's Parents To Pay A Fine? Some Anti-Bullying Advocates Say 'Yes'  WFYI

At least two Indiana school districts face federal lawsuits claiming they didnt do enough to protect students from bullying.

Research evidence on bullying prevention at odds with what schools are doing  The Hechinger Report

There's a whole cottage industry of consultants selling bully prevention programs to schools but academic researchers say there is no proof they work.

Inside the school for bullied children  BBC News

Bullying blights the lives of many pupils, but what happens when children are left so sick with anxiety that they refuse to go to school? In the Midlands, a tiny ...

Bullying evolves with age and proves difficult to escape from  Science Daily

An international team conducted a study on bullying roles among peers. Children who are involved in bullying at age 11, may remain involved throughout their ...

School bullying has risen in areas that supported Trump  Science News for Students

Bullying rose in areas that favored Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 election for U.S. president. The new findings come from surveys of Virginia middle ...

Health issues, negative behavior consequences of workplace bullying, researchers say  Safety+Health magazine

Norwich, England — A new study links workplace bullying to health problems and negative behaviors among people who are frequent targets. Researchers ...

How long can famous people get away with dismissing criticism as ‘bullying’ from ‘haters’?  The Washington Post

In 2013, actress Jada Pinkett Smith wrote a long, widely circulated Facebook post that started with the question: “Are we bullying our young artists?”.

Prestigious Max Planck Society conducts huge staff bullying survey

Thousands of employees took part in social study after high-profile bullying scandals emerged last year.

Women Leaders, You're Not Immune To Bullies At Work: How To Handle Them  Forbes

If you're a leader, you may think you are immune to bullying. After all, who would try to intimidate their boss? Well, plenty of people, and unfortunately women ...

Will Instagram's attempts to stop bullying work? Experts weigh in  ABC News

Instagram is testing methods to stop bullying. Experts weight in on how much it will work.

Five Ways To Shut Down Workplace Bullying  Forbes

A shocking number of employees have experienced workplace bullying. So here are 5 steps to shut down that bullying immediately!

Mom confronts class after daughter says she was bullied  CNN

The mother of an 8th grade student who was allegedly bullied made her way into Niguel Hills Middle School, CA, with something to say.

Teasing And Bullying Kids About Their Weight Is Linked To Increased Weight Gain : Shots - Health News  NPR

School can be tough on kids who have overweight or obesity. They're often cruelly teased and bullied. And this type of bullying may lead to long-term ...

For teens, online bullying worsens sleep and depression: Nearly 15 percent of high school students report being bullied online  Science Daily

Teens who experience cyberbullying are more likely to suffer from poor sleep, which in turn raises levels of depression, found a new study.

School Bullying Increased After the 2016 Election in Areas That Supported Trump  Pacific Standard

During and immediately after the 2016 presidential campaign, numerous reports emerged of an uptick in bullying behavior. As the mother of a bullied ...

Study examines consequences of workplace bullying  Science Daily

New research reveals how frequently being the target of workplace bullying not only leads to health-related problems but can also cause victims to behave badly ...

Law Has A Bullying Problem, But In BigLaw It's Even Worse  Law360

Law firms are rife with bullying and the problem is worse still in BigLaw, according to the results of a massive international survey released Tuesday evening.

It's Not Just That Racial Bullying Jumped in Schools After the 2016 Election. It's Where It Did  Education Week

The highly polarizing 2016 Presidential campaign blitzed the swing state of Virginia. And in the year that followed, a new study in the journal Educational ...

England's schools 'worst for cyber-bullying'  BBC News

Head teachers in England are more likely to face problems with pupils bullying online and misusing social media than in any other developed country, ...

A bully in the White House?  The Washington Post

We don't need to replace one bully with another. We deserve better.

The roots of Trump's bullying  CNN

Sent away from his family as a youngster, the President knows well the fear of being rejected and cast out, writes Michael D'Antonio. Hence his willingness to ...

Teens Are Being Bullied ‘Constantly’ on Instagram  The Atlantic

Harassment on the platform can be uniquely cruel, and for many it feels like there's no escape.

Mom threatens classroom of students at O.C. school over daughter’s bullying  Los Angeles Times

Officials say the mother has been banned from Niguel Hills Middle School in Laguna Niguel.

School Bullying Linked to Poor Mental Health Ten Years Later  Technology Networks

Victims of bullying in secondary school have dramatically increased chances of mental health problems and unemployment in later life. New research led by ...

Snapchat bullying: Adults 'can't keep up with technology'  BBC News

Parents and teachers cannot keep up with technology quickly enough to effectively deal with cyber bullying, the Children's Commissioner has said.

The bullying that led this doctor to take her own life  BBC News

Three doctors have been arrested in India's Mumbai city amid allegations that their bullying of a young female colleague led her to take her own life.

Mom accuses teachers of bullying son before suicide attempt: Lawsuit  ABC News

Chicago Public School teachers allegedly bullied a fourth grade special-needs student relentlessly before he attempted suicide earlier this year, according to a ...

Report: Schools fail to follow Michigan anti-bullying law  Michigan Radio

Bullying is serious issue in schools across the country. Severe bullying can have long-term effects on the victims. Michigan law requires school districts to have ...

Kids With Disabilities Can Be At Risk Of Bullying By Adults  WBUR

An increasing number of parents of children with disabilities are speaking out about their kids' experiences with abusive adults.

Millie Bobby Brown: Bullies made me move school  BBC News

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown says she was forced to switch schools because of bullying.

Bullied kids more likely to use painkillers  Reuters

(Reuters Health) - Children and teens who are bullied are more than twice as likely as peers who are not victimized to take painkillers, a study of school kids in ...

Bullying alters brain structure, raises risk of mental health problems  Medical News Today

A recent study demonstrates that being bullied can have long-lasting effects on the structure of the brain, raising the risk of mental health problems.

China accuses the US of 'bullying behavior'  CNBC

"China always believes that raising tariffs is not a solution to the trade frictions," a Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesperson says.